Monday, January 20, 2014

Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums (TED Talk)

The questions we ask determines the answers we will get. We need to think about education innovation in different contexts and communities. 

"We need a global wave of social entrepreneurship to create highly motivating, low cost ways to learn at scale in the developing world." 

Mapping education innovation



 Improve (getting a better version of the Bismarkian version of education developed in the 19th century) [problem: we don't have enough teachers in developing countries]
Supplement (e.g. reggio amelio, Harlem Children's Zone--mixture of family and educational projects designed to change the aspirations of thousands of families in Harlem) 

 Reinvent (e.g. big picture schools in the US--highly collaborative, personalized and pervasive technologies and learning from questions and projects) [problem: you have to help both schools and families]

Transform (thinking of completely new solutions--low-cost, highly innovative and scalable models that can adapt to different circumstances and cater to the needs of communities in developing and developed countries) 

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