Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Photolog: Jeju Island

One of my favourite places in Korea is Jeju Island (제주도). There is something so calming about this place with its beautiful blue ocean, horses, flowers (the yellow ones below are called yoo-chae-kkot 유채꽃), amazing seafood, hyaenyeo (literally means sea women and refers to women who make a living by diving and catching seafood), and people committed to a 'slower' way of living. 

Recently, new museums, tourists attractions, and luxury houses have started to take over parts of the island. Although these attractions surely have their share of fans and proponents, I really hope that Jeju policymakers can do a better job of preserving its beauty. What's needed is sustainable and eco-friendly development that is respectful of Jeju's people, history, and culture.

Here are some of my favourite scenes of Jeju Island:

성산일출봉 (Seongsan Ilchulbong) from afar


There's a Korean saying that people should go to Seoul and horses should go to Jeju Island "말은 제주도로..."

     항아리 (hangari) Korean earthenware pots were used to preserve and ferment food such as Kimchi in the olden days. They are still used, especially in the rural parts of Korea and by city folks who like to continue to use traditional methods 

 해녀 (haenyeo) Here a female diver is seen walking towards the ocean to catch seafood. Although there were many 'haenyeo' in the past, numbers are dwindling because there is generally disinterest among young people to pursue this kind of "career" and lifestyle

Volcanic rock, which are remnants of Jeju's volcanic past. 

Oh, herro :)

전복 (jeon-bok) Abalone. Seafood abounds in Jeju Island. 

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